July 31, 2015

Miracle Healer, ‘John of God’ of Brazil

Thousands of people from around the world diagnosed as terminal or incurable by modern medicine travel thousands of miles each month, enduring long international flights and exhausting bus rides to Abadiania. A small town in the mountains of central Brazil. They come to see miracle healer, Joao Teixeira de Faria, the man the people of Brazil have affectionately titled, “Joao de Deus” or “John of God”.
Joao is a simple man of humble beginnings who devotes three days of every week to healing his fellow man without payment for his services.
As a young boy, Joao experienced black out spells. On awakening he learned he had performed miraculous healings. Religious leaders, the medical field, the police and those in power threatened by Joaos abilities had him beaten, thrown in jail then cast out of town. This was a pattern that went on for years. Even with that, Joao still treated those who persecuted him when their own incurable illness arose. Joao frequently states, “it is not me who cures, God is the healer, I am simply the vessel”. Joao is known as an unconscious medium; he never recalls any of the healings he’s performed.
Not everything can be explained scientifically or rationally as there are over 35 Healing Spirit Guides including King Solomon and Saint Ignatius that use Joao as their instrument, completely taking over his body and mind. Guided by these Spirits, Joao was told to buy a specific piece of land in Abadiania and build a healing sanctuary on it. Joao named it the Casa de Dom Inacio, after his Patron and Master Guide, Saint Ignatius.
Since he began 44 years ago, Joao has treated and healed millions of people. While incorporated by the Healing Spirits, Joao will see all who come to him without stopping to rest. The poor and the famous alike stand in line, up to thousands a day. They come to witness miracles and hope to receive one of their own. For example actress Shirley Maclaine who was told by Western Medicine she would never dance again. That was until Joao removed a tumor from her stomach.
Joao is acclaimed to be the most powerful spiritual medium of our time and the greatest healer since our beloved Jesus the Christ. From curing cancer, AIDS, tumors, heart conditions, addictions, helping the lame to walk and the blind to see, Joao treats every form of illness imaginable. Many people report powerful outcomes that can be measured; X-rays before and after for example. The proof is a room at the Casa filled with thousands of discarded crutches, leg braces and wheelchairs.
The two kinds of surgeries performed through Joao are visible and invisible. Visible surgeries are done with forceps, a scapel or knife. Patients experience minimal pain, bleeding or anxiety during surgery. There are no tranquilizers, pain medication or antibiotics used before, during or after surgery, and no case of infection has ever occurred throughout Joao’s many years of work. Invisible surgery is performed while meditating in what is known as the Current room at the Casa. Healing Spirits energetically bring about miraculous corrections on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels. Healing can be immediate, others recover over time, and some may require additional visits.
Thousands of written testimonies and personal letters of gratitude fill the Casa office along with stacks of newspaper articles. Reports from clergymen, scientists and doctors worldwide support claims of Joao’s work. Ê
“I’ve seen some things happen here at the Casa which are not only unexplainable in terms Western Medicine might use, but unbelievable!” -Stephen York, M.D.
Joao de Deus and his Casa de Dom Inacio Healing Sanctuary give us the opportunity to witness and experience God’s love and deepen our connection with him. A place where our hope turns into faith, and faith into certainty. For the thousands who travel to Joao each month from around the world, it is a spritual awakening, a spiritual transformation, and the beginning of the end to their illness, on many levels.
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July 30, 2015

Amoebic Dysentery: Nature’s Foolproof Crash Diet Plan for the New Emaciated Look

You know you are there when you have diarrhea and are throwing up at the same time. You just have to lose those pounds and it just doesn’t get any better than losing them on both ends. What you really need is an IV drip since you are losing fluids so rapidly but who cares, water is weight and weight is public and private enemy number one, no? You grin and bear it…

The experts tell us dysentery or as it is known South of the Border, ‘turista’, is simply the bacteria in the smaller intestines adapting to a change of scenery. Of course one has to remember that this theory is brought to you by the same folks that said the male and female brain are the same and cancer causing estrogen is just what all post menopausal women need lots of. Go figure.

But regardless of how you contact it, ‘the runs’ as it is known in the vernacular, is not hard to get. Just drink the local tap water for starters. If that doesn’t work, try well water but be forewarned you might catch more from well water than just weight losing dysentery. But hey, in the final net net, who can argue with great results?

Before you pooh-pooh this intervention strategy consider your other options to rapid weight loss reduction; a stapled stomach, colonic cleansing, addiction to diet pills, starvation or the newest grass and toadstool organic calorie burning therapies. After reviewing your options, you too might take another look at our weight losing user friendly amoebae.

And consider the cost savings. Amoebic dysentery is a breeze to catch and usually doesn’t require hospitalization; your doctor simply says ‘you got da turista, amigo. It’s a lot cheaper to sit on the hotel toilet than a hospital toilet.’ You stand up, pay and hurry out.

Because there really isn’t treatment for dysentery except for letting it, if you will excuse my crudeness, pass through your system. You can take those pills that plug up your plumbing but remember that fix is only temporary and it all has to pass anyway; ‘tarde o temprano’ as we Mexicans say. Those pills only slow it down…stretch out the bliss if you will.

Several clinics have been using biofeedback and meditation to help you align your chakras so your brain will be faked out and tell you that you are having a peak spiritual experience instead of a wicked case of the runs. You might try biofeedback but the odds are it’s a waste of time because your gut wrenching intestines constantly remind you otherwise.

My vote for the worst dysentery is for Africa. Three days of fever and chills finally subside and give way to two months of early afternoon relapses with both vomiting and diarrhea. Who said exotic travel isn’t fun? Again, try faking yourself out by saying you are trying to understand the finer points of native culture as you lose it on both ends. Oh, to be an animal in Africa right now…

But since most wimpy travelers can only take Cancun or Bermuda, well, let’s not get too far out on an amoebic limb. The limbs are actually called strains and strain is a very apt descriptor, along with pain, insane and slain. Hipster travelers will talk about the African strain or the Chiapas strain as if they were old traveling buddies which of course many are. What goes around comes around, right? Or at least passes through…

Be that as it may, there are many fools, mostly German, that just don’t learn. Each time they go they fall deathly ill in the rainforest, as if the jungle heat were just a bit too much for their fragile insides to bear. But the experts assure us it has little to do with economics and class status and a lot about ‘did you drink the water?’ Case in point, the Germans. They just keep going back and drinking the water. It’s a rite of passage; gastrointestinal passage if you will.

My luck is good with Mexico except way down south which unfortunately is where we jungle lovers tend to hang out. That is because we are just simply nuts. Each gut wrenching amoebae and itching mosquito bite should be crying out ‘get the hell outta the jungle you idiot!’ so the message would be loud and clear even for fools like us and the Germans. But it’s not. We still go. The Crazies and the Germans.

But let’s face it, if you really want to lose weight and go home with that newly emaciated look and feel, go right ahead and drink the water, moron. Nobody really cares what you do or if you turn green in the agonizingly protracted process.

In conclusion there are three certainties in our germ ridden existence we can acknowledge without hesitation: life, death and dysentery, nature’s natural way to emaciation. The unfair, unjust reality in all this is your only choice is whether you drink the water…unless perhaps, if you happen to live there.

The bad news is the very end result is always same. The good news is at least we have a choice. Unless perhaps, if you happen to live there.

July 29, 2015

Rewriting Text For Essays, Term Papers And Website Content Using Synonyms

Writers of articles, term papers and essays and website developers, need methods to write and rewrite text on various topics – quickly and efficiently. There are a many programs and rewriting services available, both online and offline. These comprise diverse synonym replacement tools – both automatic methods and others that provide look-up lists for each word. The word-by-word – choose and select methods are probably the best, but they are very slow. The rewriting bureau services are excellent, but expensive. Using a translation to an exotic language and back to English often produces poor results. These translation methods are secretly used by many rewriting tools, but the method used is seldom disclosed. Both the automatic replacement methods using synonyms and translation procedures can produce poor results. The new words and phrases are often inappropriate and generate nonsense in the context of the sentences. A better way is needed.

The usual way of writing an article or paper, or to text for a website, is to source the material from various websites, combine this under a series of headings, and then to rewrite each part in your own words. Essentially you start with the ideas and expressions of the reference material, develop new ideas and wording as replacements, and transform it into your own words. Better substitution methods are needed to improve the replacements. Such methods should have synonyms for a least 5,000 of the most often used words in the English language. Such high numbers of words are needed to increase the substitution density. The aim should be to replace about half of the original words. These words should be carefully selected for substitution. This means choosing words that can be consistently exchanged without altering the fundamental meaning of the phrases and sentences or making garbage. Using synonyms will never be faultless, because so many English words are used as nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, etc. with distinct meanings. Also many words have many different meanings in various contexts. However, by carefully selecting the words to be included and their synonyms, the process can be optimized. Oddly this will mean that many of the routinely used words will have to be left out, because they have multiple meanings and uses. Problems arise from words that can be used as both nouns and verbs, with separate meanings, for example: work, report, fight, award, loan, rent, walk, back, need, plan, strike, mark, rate, care and study. Changing these words will be unreliable because the programs cannot determine when to use the ‘noun’ or ‘verb’ versions. Software to do this will be too complex and too slow. Other words have too many meanings and uses to be suitable, for example: part, fair, well, poor, scale, market, able, fit, over, works, clash, secure, safe, last and treat. Changing these words will be risky and will often produce meaningless results. Therefore these words should be left out to ensure that about 75 of the substitutes to work automatically.

Don’t try to use the tool as an automatic replacement method, but use it as a way of highlighting parts of the article you can put into your own words and amend to with your own input. You will find that this is a better and much quicker procedure than trying to rewrite the source material from scratch. Therefore find a good online synonym replacement tool for your next drafting, writing or rewriting assignment. Choose one that has a large number of carefully selected and appropriate synonyms.

July 28, 2015


The best time to see the planet Saturn is here. April and May 2012 are when this golden world – planet of the rings – is easiest to spot and brightest.
The best time to see the planet Saturn is here. April and May 2012 are when this golden world – planet of the rings – is easiest to spot and brightest. The planet Saturn is relatively easy to find in 2012, because it’s near a bright star, Spica, in the constellation Virgo. This star always returns to the early evening sky in April – spring for the Northern Hemisphere, autumn for the Southern Hemisphere. Spica stays out all night long – or nearly all night long – on April and May nights. Likewise, April or May of 2012 will also be the best time to see the ringed planet Saturn in all its glory.
In 2012, you can follow the curve in the handle of the famous Big Dipper asterism to find the planet Saturn.
Saturn in April 2012
Follow the arc to Artusus to identify Saturn in 2012
Drive a spike to Spica – and Saturn – in 2012
On April 15, 2012, Earth will pass between Saturn and the sun. That is why Saturn is at its best this year in April and May. In mid-April, Saturn will rise in the east as the sun sets in the west. Why? Because that is when Earth is passing between Saturn and the sun, and Saturn is opposite the sun as seen from Earth. Saturn closest, brightest, opposite the sun on April 15
Our Earth in its smaller, faster orbit around the sun is gaining on Saturn as we speak. We fly through space at some 107,000 kilometers per hour (67,000 miles per hour), in contrast to Saturn’s 35,000 kilometers per hour (22,000 miles per hour). So naturally there will come a time when Earth passes between Saturn and the sun.
We do this every year, and, at such a time, we always see Saturn opposite the sun in our sky – rising in the east when the sun is setting in the west. Our passage between Saturn and the sun is called an opposition of Saturn.
Why is the time around opposition the best time of year to see Saturn? Every year, around the time we go between the sun and Saturn, the ringed planet is at its closest to Earth and brightest in our sky. Saturn is the faintest of the bright planets. It’s still pretty bright, but, normally, you wouldn’t pick it out from among the stars. But around April or May of 2012 you can, because Saturn appears about as bright as the brightest stars.
Because we’ll be passing Saturn – the sixth planet outward from the sun – from an inside track around the sun, the ringed planet will actually look as if it’s going backward (retrograde) in front of the fixed stars of the constellation Virgo from February 8, 2012, until June 26, 2012.
This apparent westward (retrograde) movement of Saturn is really an illusion. If you were in a race car passing another race car from the inside track, you might glimpse the other car appearing to be going backwards for a time relative to background objects. It’s not really going backwards, of course. It only looks that way. In the same way, Saturn normally moves toward the east in front of the stars, but this outer planet appears to be going westward against the background stars for a few months every year, around the time of its opposition.
By the way, Saturn’s yearly opposition happens about two weeks later with each passing year. The 2009 opposition was on March 8. The 2010 opposition was on March 21. The 2011 opposition was on April 3. The 2012 opposition is April 15. And the 2013 opposition will be on April 28.
Saturn basics
Earth travels around the sun once a year, while Saturn takes about 29-and-a-half years to orbit the sun once. Earth’s orbit is smaller, and we move faster than this outer planet. So once a year, we pass between Saturn and the sun and gain another lap on the planet.
Golden Saturn as seen by the Voyager 2 spacecraft in 1980
You might realize from what I just said that Saturn is relatively slow-moving in orbit and, therefore, slow to change its position against the background stars. That’s why the early stargazers called it “the oldest of the old sheep.”
Like all planets, Saturn is lovely to gaze upon. Its golden color is fascinatingly reminiscent of wonderful spacecraft photos of Saturn. It’s a real place, after all, not just a light in the sky. Plus, Saturn’s brightness waxes and wanes in a subtle way throughout every year, making it fun to watch.
Can you see the rings of Saturn if you look with the eye alone? No, you need a small telescope to see the rings. But, to the unaided eye, Saturn will appear as a bright golden “star” … very beautiful. And unlike the twinkling stars, Saturn will shine with a steady light. That might help you identify it.
I want you to see Saturn at its best in April and May 2012.
On April 15, 2012, the Earth in its orbit will pass between Saturn and the sun, at which time Saturn will appear opposite the sun in our sky. So, in April and May 2012, if you’re looking for Saturn during the evening hours, you should be facing east to southeast at nightfall and south around middle to late evening.
On any night of 2012 – because the planet Saturn stays close to the star Spica throughout 2012 – you can rely on the Big Dipper to guide you to Spica and Saturn. In other words, you can follow the arc to Arcturus and drive a spike to Spica from the handle of the Big Dipper. Once you identify Spica, notice the bright golden starlike object nearby. That’ll be Saturn. Saturn and Spica’s orientation with respect to the horizon will change throughout the year, and they are different in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. But Saturn and Spica remain close during 2012. Two bright objects in the sky, near each other, might be them!

July 27, 2015

The Pros And Cons Of Dual Citizenship

Have you ever considered dual citizenship, the act of becoming a citizen of more than one country? Isn’t this dangerous, sort of like taking on more than one wife? Not necessarily. Dual citizenship is perfectly legal in some cases and very illegal in others. There is no worldwide sanction on this practice because there is no worldwide government. However, individual countries can prohibit its own citizen from being a resident of more than one country.

Why? This is usually due to what can described as disloyalty or a sort of international conflict of interest. Some countries have no problem with such a scenario. You can be a dual citizen of both Canada and the United States, so as long as you obey the laws of whatever country you are currently living in. Countries like the U.K, Australia and France also allow dual citizenship. However, other countries such as India, China and Germany do not allow this option.

What are the cons of dual citizenship? Only that you have twice as much responsibility. You have to respect the laws regarding taxes, military service and travel restrictions for both countries, depending on which you are currently living at. The pros of dual citizenship are that the status allows residents many financial benefits. Business travelers don’t have to devote much time to getting visas, nor is there any technicalities preventing him or her buying a new property or getting access to a restricted area.

There is also more freedom in having dual citizenship, since you are not obligated to work or store funds in merely on country. Many people are considering backup plans in light of the U.S.’s financial crisis. The final benefit to discuss is that of belonging. Some individuals have very strong ties to their countries and desire not just to legally work and build in another country, but also to keep deep roots in their own country. Countries that allow dual citizenship will not require a painful disassociation from their home land.

If you are interested in dual citizenship then make sure and verify your plans and any technicalities in question with either a lawyer or an international consul. At the very least, try and verify the information from a reputable online source rather than risk doing something illegal. Dual citizenship is a unique privilege, one that truly makes you independent. This option may bring you many advantages in your financial affairs.

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